Garden Cocktails

News • 01.05.20

May 2020 sees the launch of our latest cocktail, which we’ve developed for the Summer Spritz season. The Garden Cocktail.

We have used Bombay Dry Gin and St Germain (elderflower liqueur) as the basis of this beautifully balanced drink. With some citrus lemon to balance, and some basil and cucumber notes to lift, this is really refreshing and layered drink to enjoy as a Garden Spritz, or a shaken martini.

We’ve learnt a lot over the years of how to batch and bottle cocktails, and we think this particular recipe captures some of the best possibilities within Batchology. We have opted for a high 20% ABV, and we have concentrated the herbal and vegetal flavours, which means the bottled liquid can be more versatile. By adding soda you can dilute the cocktail to a spritz, or by shaking, you can enjoy a much stronger, intense martini serve.

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