We Work Happy Hour Cocktails

News • 01.10.19

Having moved our head office to the We Work Paddington site in 2018, we were really excited to be able to team up with We Work to supply cocktails for all of their tenants ay their regular Happy Hour parties.

Each We Work office has a selection of communal bars, which serve beer and Prosecco throughout the week. The bars are designed to be self-service, so in order to make great cocktails available for these parties, batching is the only option.

We have already developed a range of draught cocktails, packaged in 20L Key Kegs, we were able to serve Classic Mojitos, Rum Punches, Garden Spritz  & Espresso Martini’s, which have been available across a range of the London offices over 2019.

All of our draught cocktails have been developed so that each cocktail is perfectly balanced at dispense, so it’s quick and easy to serve, with excellent professional tasting cocktails available to evryone, even if there is no bartender in sight. Just add ice!