Collaboration: SOHO House Festival | Picante de la Casa & Le Grand Fizz

News • 01.08.19

We were delighted to work with the SOHO House team to produce 2 cocktails for their 2019 HOUSE Festival.

The festival, hosted at Kenwood House in London, is a one day event, showcasing great music, food and drinks. All ticket holders have access to unlimited food and drinks throughout the day, and so in order to be able to serve top quality, professional cocktails, batching is a must.

This year, we worked with the Patron and Grey Goose teams to batch and produce 2 cocktails which have been created by Soho House:


Picante de la Casa

Patron Reposado | Agave Syrup | Lime | Coriander | Chilli

Le Grand Fizz

Grey Goose | St Germain | Lime | Soda

We produced both cocktails in glass bottles, ready for a quick and efficient bar service, using speed pourers.