Collaboration: Grey Goose | Nitro Espresso Martini

News • 01.07.19

This year we have been working on a really exciting cocktail project, in partnership with Grey Goose. To learn more about the project, check out the Imbibe Article

Whilst the Grey Goose team have been developing a hardware system to deliver the world’s first sub-zero draught cocktail, we have been working on the kegged cocktail that will be delivered from the system.

So far, we have produced a 4 variations of an Espresso Martini in a 20L Key Keg:

Espresso Martini Classic.

Grey Goose Original | Cold Brew Coffee | Coffee Liqueur | Fleur de Sel

Espresso Martini La Vanille.

Grey Goose La Vanille | Cold Brew Coffee | Coffee Liqueur | Fleur de Sel

Espresso Martini La Poire.

Grey Goose La Poire | Cold Brew Coffee | Coffee Liqueur | Maple Syrup | Bitters

Espresso Martini Chocolate Orange.

Grey Goose L’Orange | Cold Brew Coffee | Chocolate Liqueur | Agave Syrup

We batched all of the expressions at 14.9% ABV for an optimum taste and balance on dispense.

The results have been exceptional, something we’re all really proud of. By batching the cocktail, and then conditioning in-line, we’ve found that the infusion of nitrogen gas, and a sub-zero cooling help to give the cocktails a texture and mouthfeel which is not possible to produce using a traditional recipe and shaken method. This approach to batching really compliments the in-line conditioning of the

The project was launched at the 12th Knot, London in May, and also showcased at the SOHO House Festival in July 2019.

Hopefully these cocktails will become available more widely at an event near you soon!